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"People are hearing about the things that happen in Kokomo,  Indiana"

My name is Jenny E. and in May 2008, Joshua and his lovely sister ministered in Kokomo, IN, hosted by Paula Baker from Rivers of Living Water. My son Matthew, who was then 11 years old, had been suffering from an idiopathic neurological condition that was similar to the after effects of someone who has had a stroke. No doctor knew what it was, where it came from, why it was even affecting my son. They ran many diagnostic tests. I was firm in my faith and believed God would heal my son, no matter what the diagnosis or prognosis would have been. It was a challenge to believe for a healing when no one knew what was wrong. Some of the symptoms Matthew was suffering from were visible trembling and twitches on the right side of his body, weakness, extreme fatigue, confusion and memory loss. The only absolute diagnosis the doctors were able to come up with after a MRI scan, was that Matthew had a cluster of blood vessels that were slowing the blood flow on the lower left occipital lobe of his brain. After an additional MRI scan, they concluded that it was not worrisome and it was more or less a birthmark on his brain.

I knew of the meeting in Kokomo and had been planning to attend regardless of what was going on. I knew that the presence of God would be so overwhelming. I also knew that by faith, by taking my son with me to these meetings, whatever his young body was being attacked with would have to GO! Where the presence of God is, nothing that is not of God can survive and has to go! I had been in contact with the pastor, Paula Baker, concerning the situation. Once we arrived, I had asked Pastor Baker if there was an opportunity for Joshua to lay hands upon my son, I knew that through Jesus, he would be healed! My faith was so high, I knew my son was getting healed in Kokomo. We would not go back to South Bend, Indiana with him in the same condition as when we had left! Pastor Baker said that when that time would arrive for the ministry of laying on of hands for healings, she would relay to Joshua the healing needs for my son. I was expectant the first night, but it didn't happen. Instead, the spirit of freedom took over on those that were really seeking that freedom in God. I was one of them! I had been freed of any anxiety, worry or concern of the unknown for my son. I was able to enter a realm of praise and worship that I had not experienced before, it was spectacular! Angels were singing audibly during this time!!

The second meeting, I was unsure of the events that would happen regarding prayer for my son. I knew regardless of Joshua Mills actually laying his hands on Matthew, that my son would be healed that evening! The presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong, even stronger than the night before. All the while, I had explained to Matthew what he may feel when the power of God went through him. How he may "fall out" in the Spirit, that he may be so overcome with emotion that he may weep. He knew what could happen, he's seen the Holy Spirit at work many times before. He had such a sweet peace about him. I was so excited for him, because I knew he was getting healed! He was so relaxed, it was unreal! After praise and worship was over, the presence of God was seriously strong. Joshua had called Matthew up to the front and laid hands on Matthew, while the rest of us were in agreement. I just kept praising God for healing my son after that. My son was healed by Jesus! After about half an hour into Joshua ministering, oil started flowing from Joshua's hands. When that happened, he called out for Matthew to come to him again and laid hands on Matthew again. That was the occasion where I knew Matthew's healing was complete! Praise God!!

This was such a surreal experience! I had not ever experienced anything like that before!! He was healed, he was healed!! I asked Matthew how it felt when Joshua laid hands on him the second time. Referring to what he was healed from, he said it felt like "it was just pulled out of the top of his head"! Immediately he was doing things that he hadn't been able to do before he was healed!! God is so awesome, I cannot describe with words how truly amazing and faithful our Lord is! I just love Him so much and I am consumed with His love for me and my son!

Thank you for reading this testimony! I apologize for how long it has taken me to get this written and sent to the ministry. Matthew is now 12 years old, almost 13. He is doing wonderfully and has never had another symptom of whatever he was healed from! He has a mighty call on his life. He has seen angels, he has had dreams and visions. I know that God has a very specific purpose for Matthew. All glory and honor be to the One who created us and purposed us for His work!

Sincerely with all my love,
Jenny E. - Indiana

More personal testimonies of God's healing power...

We came in faith with no seats available until the Thursday before the service and then came Saturday with no seat expecting God to provide seat we sat in the overflow and was blessed with a new wine experience. At the Friday night service I myself had experienced instant weight loss, on Saturday the calices that were on my husband eye's were healed and then I was also healed from excessive dry mouth I had been drinking about 10 20oz bottles of water a day.  Our marriage was also healed we fell in love with each other all over again. We definitely got wrecked!

~Deborah D. , Michigan

Several people reported healing and deliverance during the Kabod 2 conference Nov 2-4, 2--5
"I have herniated discs in my back which led to arthritis in my knee and hip.  After being set free from a constricting spirit in my spine, I hit the floor and felt like someone was pulling my leg.  God grew my leg at least 1/4".  Now I am walking upright for the first time in 11 years!"
healed...neck pain gone!!

In Nov. 2005, Rob Hotchin came to Royal Center, Indiana for a Kabod 2 of God Conference. After he spoke on Friday, he stayed and prayed for anyone wanting more prayer.  Earlier he had mentioned how much he disliked arthritis and so I decided to receive prayer for the arthritic like pain in my neck. In 1965 I received whip lash from a car accident and again in 1975.  The pain kept increasing over the years. There was a long line of us that day  but we didn't mind waiting as we observed the compassion and unhurried way Rob prayed with each person. Since he prayed for me the pain in my neck is completely gone!!  Everyday I thank God for this!!  Since my neck was healed my faith has increased alot! 
                                                                                   ~Mary O.

Have you had an encounter with God while worshipping at Rivers of Living Water Worship Center?  Share your testimony with us....we would love to hear!

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