Rivers of Living Water Worship Center

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Extreme Schools boot camp


Extreme Schools....



Rivers of Living Water
215 S. Market St.
Royal Center, IN. 46978


No Registration Fee
No Pre-Registration Required
Bring a sack lunch as the break will be about 30 minutes long,
 refrigerator and microwave available.
No Child Care Available  

Session I: Enabling The Warrior: Boot Camp

In Boot Camp you will learn foundational principles for ministry leadership, teamwork, self examination, treatment of others and understanding the limitations and adversity that go along with any assignment. You will learn about the spiritual, natural, and functional aspects of ministry. This workshop will help enable the release of skills and talents in the individual and release you to flow together as a team. You will receive hands on practice as well as teaching.

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Instructors: Jim and Chandra Hronchek
Jim and Chandra Hronchek were prophetically called into Music Ministry even before they understood what a music ministry was. For the past 25 years, they have led people into the presence of God through music.  Along the way, they  have learned powerful principles and techniques for achieving unity, maturity and functionality in the music team.

Workshops to come include:

Enabling Flow: Praise and Worship
Enabling Freedom: Praise Words
Enabling Communication: Music Theory
Enabling Growth: Structure and Leadership
Enabling Success: A Warrior, Not A Lawyer
Enabling Creativity: Song Writing
Enabling Technique: Sound System
Enabling Instruments: Keys and Strings
Enabling Knowledge: Copyright and CCLInabling Flow: Praise and Worship


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