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Luc Gingras Bio

About Luc Gingras

Since the last two decades, thousands of
people around the world have been touched and blessed by the music and message of Christian Contemporary Singer and Preacher: LUC GINGRAS.

Former Heavy Metal Rock Singer, performing in clubs and bars in the late 70's, Luc litteraly had an "open soul surgery" in 1981, as a Church Youth Group invited him to come to a Quebec-Jesus Festival @ YWAM in Dunham,Qc. There he heard for the first time what he calls " the true Word of God " with Maurice Ray, a well known and established preacher & teacher in Europe... Luc's life got a Heartquake ... He was delivered from the claws of drugs, alcohol abuses, and also from powerful occult strongholds coming from his former music ...

Married to Natalie, they are proud parents of Samuel, Schekina and Hadassah. Luc also became pastor Down Town Montreal for nearly more than two years and was ordained in 1990. It's in 1991 however that he fully entered in the center of his calling, as a " musissionnary " as he calls it, when he decided to make the Big Jump as a full time itinerant singing-evangelist. He and Natalie are since then " on the road ", and are invited for about 150 to two hundred concerts & meetings a year ...

Music Composer & Singer of nearly three hundred songs, Luc proclaims the Gospel in an unique et very dynamic way, direct and actuel, as much for the message than the music content. This brought them to be invited so far in about ten Countries.

To the level of the preaching ministry, Luc pursues the vision to fullfill the call to encourage each and everyone (Barnabbas' Ministry), with lots of joy, respect, fire and the love of God , in a way that ulitimately the Body of Christ shall respond to it's Higher Call, to take a manifest position for Jesus, in a way to bring this world to discover there's a Hope in a World where everything is tumbling down, and so each and all will discover their destiny...! Anointing !

Music's Ministry
Since nearly twenty years, LUC GINGRAS
proclaims the Gospel and brings it in a way and style that move the listeners' hearts & souls. Sometimes bold, sometimes tender and gentle, it's the Father's Heart , and target of the souls Luc aims to touch.

As a pionneer in French Praise & Worship and Evangelist in Quebec & " en Francophonie" all around the world, LUC started his music ministry of Contemporary Christian Music in 1984, and composed since then nearly three hundred songs, produced ans recorded 13 musical albums under their own label, including 2 English CD's. He is best known in churches with a song that precedes him in the French Nations : "Dieu nous voulons voir Ta Gloire / Lord, we long to see Your glory ". And in english : " Just a Kiss from You ... "

In 2001, Luc was honored to receive " La Moisson de Talents Francophones à Montréal " as a recognition for his pionneer christian contemporary music contribution in Quebec, and a prestigious CGMA 2002 Award, for the " a Chanson de l'Année 2002" (French Song of the Year 2002) with his song "Les roches crieront ! ", from his 2001 album entitled "PARABOLE" which reached within the top 100 on secular radio stations in Quebec! (Dec. 2001)

On the Christian Music level, for years, Luc's vision and desire is to see CCM invade secular radio stations all over the world, and see French Canadian Music Industry and Medias finally take interest in the " Jesus' Music Phenomenon ", just as we see it in USA, England, and other English Countries! This would be a great step to reach the French Speaking People of the World. (450 Millions of unsaved people).

In 2003, LUC spent most of the Year 2003 working in studio, producing a first Praise and Worship solo album for his wife NATALIE: "Où Tu iras, j'irai...". (septembre 2003)

For 2004/2005, LUC is working on other new titles, one French; one English, better than ever...! And also is about to produce again a second Instrumental Albuml of his softest songs written this time from 1993-2000 : " SELAH Volume 2 " with the well known Quebec Christian pianist : GASTON TURGEON !

Always aiming excellency to serve The Mighty King, Luc pursues the vision to offer Concerts or Special Songs with the Proclamation of the Word, as long as the Host's mandate is to live the Presence of God. It could be in solo (tracks & guitars) for the smallest tours, or accompanied with his whole band : " The Flying Fish ", for bigger events.

One way or another LUC will make all he can in his capabilities to adapt to your vision in a way to contribute to the success of your work and God's calling on your life.